Used 10ft jon boats for sale

For a majestic fishing or hunting experience, everyone admires a well-crafted boat with extreme strength. A flat bottom boat to provide better stability with hardened heavy duty kneels and oversized spray rails for smooth riding prop up the skills of a fisherman. That’s why fishing from a Jon boat provides the paramount success to the individuals seeking top notch experience in fishing or duck hunting.

used 10ft jon boats for sale

Jon boats are generally made of aluminum, fiberglass or wood, but mostly the aluminum boats are preferred because of their light weight and more strength. The Jon Boats usually comes in lengths of between 8 ft to 20 ft, but mostly 10ft boats are preferred by the fishermen. They have some of the excellent features which make them perfect for fishing and duck hunting:
• In shallow waters jon boats can be paddled stealthily so that the fishes don’t get a shocker. It has access to all the areas whether it is submerged vegetation or logs where larger boats most likely get damaged.
• Due to their wide flat bottom, the jon boats achieve higher stability as compared to other boats, you can easily stand and cover a large area of water without letting the boat to get shaky.
• Jon boats can be equipped with swivel seats which provide faster fishing speed to the person as well as slow trolling ability makes this boat to acquire larger amount of water.
• Offer excellent support in fly fishing, drift fishing as well as stationary fishing.

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Used 10 ft Jon Boats for Sale

G3 Welded Jon Boat

These great boats are welded with .100 marine gauge aluminum and their thicker gauge makes them stronger and safer at the narrow water areas. Additionally, the beast is already ribbed for better strength. The G3s comes with the flat and V-shaped hull with a flat bottom.

Intruder 12

Fisherman favors these boats because they need a much lighter boat and lighter to pockets as well. But don’t think it weak because of its lighter weight as it’s polyethylene body has the strength to take a hard pounding from bottom rocks as well. Intruder 12 jon boats for sale here.

Alumacraft Side Console

With the side consoles you can sit and drive these Jon boats just like the larger bass boats. Their wide construction and lower seats help in navigating through the trees and bushes. Alumacraft also provides rod storage and live well for fishes.


It is a flat bottom Jon boat with a V-shaped hull. A welded constructed roughneck is made by Lowe boats. To protect the deck, they are hardened with internal coating and also equipped with storage boxes at the bow along with pedestal seat bases.

Tracker Guide V 14

These are flat bottom Jon boat for sale with a V-shaped hull that allows them to move smoothly through irregular waters. Constructed with aluminum alloy, it can last for several years with heavy use.
It is not very difficult to buy these magnificent boats as they are made available by many sellers online.

Best 10 ft Jon Boats for Sale

Model Length Beam Person Cap Price, USD*
1036 - Alumacraft jon boat for sale Alumacraft 1036 JON 10′ 55″ 2 729 button
L1040 Jon - Lowe jon boat for sale Lowe L1040 JON 10′ 56″ 2 639 button
L1032 Jon - Lowe jon boat for sale L1032 JON 10′ 48″ 2 579 button
1032 CR JON - Crestliner jon boat for sale 1032 CR JON 10′ 48″ 2 Contact us Buy Crestliner Jon Boat

Best sites to buy used 10 ft Jon Boats

There are dedicated sites in which a wide range of boats is available. In case you are not planning to buy a new one, there are numerous prominent sites where you can buy used 10 ft Jon boats. Some of the best ones are: – Boattrader is a largest online American trader for buying and selling of boats, accessories, and its parts. This is the best place where you can find a wide range of used 10 ft Jon boats in good condition. Along with this, the site also provides boating information and tips to its buyers on a regular basis.

• – A local web site realted to used and new jon boats for sale. – A global search engine in the leisure market of marine where you can browse more than 2 lakh boats from more than 140 different countries. After acquiring Yatchworld, the expanded all over Europe and continuously growing. Later, yatchworld and boattrader joined the forces to form the boat group which is the landmark for all the boats around the world. – This brand speaks a thousand words for its accomplishments. The site offers a wide variety of both used and new Jon boats. With the tagline “World’s Foremost Outfitter”, it acquires several atores all over the world. Its high-quality products with competitive prices attract almost all the consumers. – It includes all purpose Jon boats, with different sizes and compatibility. Various offers on used boats are enlivening and the competitive prices as compared to other markets make this site one of the most preferred boating site on the internet. – As the name suggests, this site has given a vast number of choices to the buyers who are willing to go out fishing whether being amateur or professional. It lists used boat sale by owner at a one-time low fee and the dealers and sellers who price their boats at very competitive rates as compared to other sites.

There are many official sites where you can opt from but the sites mentioned above are the ones where you can put your trust blindfolded.

Don’t worry about the condition of used boats as these companies verify each and every part of the boat before shipping it to your place with complete warranty. You can hit upon many alternatives for 10 ft Jon boat, according to your taste and fishing style. Whether it is a flat hull aluminum boat or a V shape hull fiberglass boat, you will experience immense satisfaction while paddling these boats. Or setting a small motor which gives you more speed and time so that you can hub all your attention on fishing. The Jon boat is the heart and soul of in water fishing and the respect it has occupied in every fisherman is glorious.

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