14 ft jon boats for sale

Best used 14ft jon boats for sale


Nice used jon boat with trailer $800 in Shreveport, LA

14 ft jon boat with trailer. No for both. Boat and trailer in good condition.


Old used jon boat $400 in Montgomery, AL

14 ft jon boat and trailer. Seats available. Trailer with tires are brand new.


Greate used Jon boat with trailer $2,500 in Indianapolis, IN

Alumacraft Jon boat with trailer. Trolling Motor. Marine battery with charger. Humminbird Piranha MAX4 Fish finder. Anchor and chairs. Titles


Great used Jon boat $3,600 in Garden City, ID

14 ft jon boat. 5 hp motor. Trailer with new tires & spare.


Aluminum used Jon boat $800 in Kaneohe, HI

14 ft aluminum boat with trailer. Boat works properly. Homemade trailer available. The trailer has no papers.


Many people prefer marine activities. For this purpose, it is necessary to buy an appropriate boat. One of the most demandable items on the modern market for customers is a jon boat(especially a 14-ft jon boat). It is a mobile aquatic platform with numerous options available.

Why buy a 14 ft jon boat?

14 ft jon boats have an ultimate hull design that is convenient for marine trips and fishing. You can initiate any activity through various waterways. People purchase these models for different tasks:

  • for marine hunting;
  • for traveling;
  • for transportation goods;
  • for fishing, etc.

Jon boats are free from high sides. The flat hull allows their owners to observe the lengths of the waterways well. Additionally, jon boats of any size and type are notable for their high-level maneuverability. Both calm waters of the windless sea or lake and muddy or shallow waters of the quick river and wavy ocean will succumb to the best floatation ability of this transport. Jon vessels with flat bottoms are also a perfect solution for shallow water.

Are you sure about 14 ft jon boat? See these 10-ft Jon boats, 12-ft jon boats, and these 16-ft Jon boats.

14 ft jon boat vs 10 ft jon boat vs 16 ft jon boat

One more advantage of a jon boat of 14 feet in size is its physical parameters. It is the fine line when the 10ft boat is rather small for your activities and the 16ft jon one – is too large. Additionally, this format has a higher level of stability. This aspect is important for those who prefer taking fish standing up in the boat.

Nevertheless, so many men, so many minds. Each jon boat provides owners with a wide range of abilities. Flat-bottomed models of 14 feet size are not lacking in benefits like other 12ft, 10ft, and 16ft ones. For clarity and the best choice, let’s take a closer look at all the types of jon boats.

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Types of 14 ft jon boats

It is possible to systemize all the on boats of this dimension according to their material, hull type, sort of motor, and other parameters. Speaking about constructional material, all the marine jon-designed transportation of 14 feet can be divided into 3 groups:

  • wooden jons;
  • fiberglass jons;
  • aluminum jons.

The most popular type of 14ft. boats are aluminum ones. They are distinguished by their lightweight and high-level durability. The hull can be both riveted and welded. The last type is more popular among customers because it makes this marine transportation stronger. Rivet hulls can cause some leaks that are not desirable for anyone onboard. One more aspect to discuss is the general design of the 14-foot jon vessel. Choose one from the list of available models:

  1. Flat-bottom design – this boat is perfect for shallow waters. Use it for trips and fishing in calm lakes, ponds, harbors, etc. The high-level stability of the vessel is observed.
  2. V-hull design – this vessel will be a good variant for wavy waters. If you would like to cross the river with wild waves or try fishing in the stormy ocean, purchase the v-hull jon boat. Its design allows sailors to cut waves and enjoy their marine activities.
  3. Utility design – it is a combination of flat-bottom and V-hull models. If you want to get the optimal transportation with a flat bottom and a V-hull that cuts small waves, this vessel is the real thing.

Having viewed all available variants of 14ft jon boats, it is time to pick sides with the best new and used items for sale.


Examples of best used 14ft jon boats for sale

These are just examples of the good used 14-ft jon boat deals that were available online. These deals are not available anymore. We share this to show you what a good deal may look like.

Lowe 1448 M 14 used ft jon boat

boat trader 14 jon

Buy the used aluminum 14-foot vessel in perfect condition for your various marine activities. The Lowe 1448 M model is very spacious and is suitable for three people placed onboard. Additionally, it is available to order this jon boat with a trailer and other supplementary equipment like a battery. The flat-bottom item will become your favorite means of transportation when it comes to fishing and marine journeys.


Used 1980 Lowe L1448M 14 ft. jon boat

used 1980 jon boat

The jon boat of the same manufacturer but rather older one and for a more attractive price. It was produced in 1980 but is in good faith. The vessel has a V-hull design that allows owners to conquer wavy and stormy maritime open spaces. Used 1980 Lowe L1448M  can be bought together with a trailer that is required for the transportation of different goods.


Livingstone 14ft Jon boat

livingston 14 ft jon

Select the Livingstone jon boat with the fiberglass hull, spacious bow storage, and two mounted seats for long-distance traveling and onboard fishing. The vessel suite also contains three mounted rod holders. The 14ft boat is equipped with the Yamaha engine which is known as the most powerful one.


Grizzly 1448 Jon boat (14 ft)

used 14 ft jon grizzly

We have already described this model in the category of new vessels. Nevertheless, it is enough to add to the mentioned-above description. There are many seating options and a huge front deck to enjoy picturesque views. It is possible to buy this used Grizzly 1448 jon boat with the protective coat as well.


How to choose 14 ft. jon boats?

If you want to purchase a really helpful and comfortable vessel, you need to pick sides with your purposes and requirements first. Many customers prefer 14ft jon boats because they have a perfect size both for recreational marine activities and fishing. Most models are spacious enough for the transportation of various goods.

We have described different types of jon boats. Choose the flat-bottom item if you would like to ride through the calm water and shallow open spaces. If you prefer fishing in wavy rivers or stormy oceans, pay your attention to all the new and used V-hull models.

At the same time, you do not need to select only one option. If you want to buy a cross-functional boat, take a look at the selection of utility jon vessels. They combine all the necessary features for the most convenient trips and marine activities. We recommend thinking of your budget, purposes, and suitable parameters the boat should have (boat size, hull, motor type, etc.). The best purchase has to meet all your requirements.


Best new 14ft jon boats for sale (in our opinion)

These are just the 5 best new jon boats you could buy in our subjective opinion. The prices are provided for reference reasons only. We do not directly sell these boats; please contact the manufacturer or dealer for purchasing information.

Lowe L1440M 14 ft jon boat

lowe l1440 jon boat

This is a real example of the utility design that allows its owners to have various exciting soft rides both in calm waters and wavy rivers. The overall length is 14 feet. The maximum capacity of the Lowe Jon 1440M vessel is three passengers. The flat bottom and a modified V-shaped bow add to this boat additional stability and maneuverability.

Among included features, there are two comfortable benches, two handles for bows, and two transom handles. Stay pleased with your choice – pay attention to this high-quality 14 flat-bottom boat for sale.

Alumacraft 1442 14 ft jon boat


This model is notable for its constructional material. It is made of aluminum which makes the vessel lightweight and very durable in exploitation. The flat-bottomed design will be suitable for fishing and riding in shallow waters. Alumacraft 1442 has a gasoline fuel type that makes even long-distance rides budget-friendly.

Alumacraft 1448 JON 20 14ft jon boat


One more aluminum model from the same manufacturer. The hot-topic 2020 jon boat got improved configuration. There are two possible colors of Alumacraft 1448 JON 20 to choose from: camo and olive drab. The vehicle set includes keel brakes, center seat storage, light bracket, etc. Additionally, this model is equipped with a welded one-piece hull.

Crestliner 1436 CR 14 ft jon boat

crestliner 1436 jon

This boat will provide you with the driest ride due to its formed-in spray rails. The olive-drab interior and exterior design of the 1436 CR vessel attract many consumers. The flat bottom and square-shaped bow are a perfect solution for shallow waters and fishing in calm ponds. The notable feature of the Crestliner jon boat is its spacious storage compartments. One is situated in the flip-top and another – in the center seat.

Grizzly 1448 14 ft jon boat

grizzly 14 ft jon

This is the all-welded vessel that prevents any possibility of leaks. It is notable for its high-level durability and exceptional comfort for passengers. There are two built-in pedestals and opportunities for extra seats onboard. This utility jon boat by the Grizzly manufacturer contains a V-shaped hull that allows customers to plan various rides – both in calm and wavy waters.