12 ft jon boats for sale

A 12 ft jon boat, which is my favorite, is a particular boat designed specifically for multi-tasking, from fishing to even collecting wastages. Jon boats are the widely used watercraft among hunters and fishermen across the U.S.

The basic layout of Jon boats, combined with durable aluminum construction and a flat-bottomed hull, let them float on the water instead of cruising through it. Therefore, these boats are ideal for navigating muddy and shallow waters.

Used 12 ft jon boat deals


Aluminum used jon boat $500 in Sweeny, TX

12’ x 4’ aluminum boat. No motor, no trailer, no title. The boat has no leaks.

Custom welded used Jon boat with trailer $3,200 in Friendswood, TX

Custom welded used Jon boat with trailer $3,200 in Friendswood, TX

12 ft welded aluminum Jon boat. 9.9hp Mercury outboard motor. Trailer available.  


Good used Jon boat $2,000 in South Pittsburg, TN

Jon boat, motor and trailer. Honda gx200 on a SPS longtail (extra new prop). The trailer is solid. The bearings


Little used Jon boat with trailer $850 in Nashville, TN

12 ft jon boat. Trailer. Tires up with a good tread.


Excellent used Jon boat $450 in Shelbyville, TN

Excellent boat for fishing. Been resealed and painted as well a while back.


Greate used Jon boat with trailer $2,250 in Johnston, RI

12 ft 1984 Sears Gamefisher Jon Boat in excellent condition. 6hp 1995 Suzuki motor. 55lb thrust trolling motor. 2005 Karavan


Aluminum used jon boat $2,500 in Dayton, OH

12 ft jon boat, 2 stroke. Rails and rollers to convert trailer back if desired. Garmin color fish finder.


Nice used jon boat with mud motor $1,700 in Wagram, NC

12 ft jon boat. No title for boat, trailer or motor.


12 ft is not the right size? See other sizes below:

Why Buy A 12 Ft Jon Boat?

Jon boats are utility boats designed solely for multi-tasking; however, most people use them for fishing. Even though Jon Boats come in many sizes, the 12 ft Jon Boat can be the best option for you due to following reasons.

Best For Small Fishing & Hunting
If you want to go fishing, hunting, or even collecting lumber, a 12 ft Jon boat is the perfect fit. You can easily stand on it without the fear of falling into the water. You can easily place it on the back of your car, and since it is lightweight, you can settle it down on the water simply.

Maintain Stability
Many boats have this feature of standing steadily without the worry of falling into the water. Angling is also made easy with the 12 ft Jon boat as it lets you stand without tumbling directly over to the other side. Standing on its middle seat is the perfect place to stand and let your fishing saga continue.

12 ft jon boat – a question of size

Some of the factors you should be aware of when searching for the 12 ft Jon boats for sale are mentioned below.

Advantages of 12 ft Jon Boat VS 10 ft and 14 ft

One of the best advantages of the 12 ft Jon Boat compared to others is that it is best for a couple of your family members fishing together. 12 ft Jon boats have lesser space while 14 Jon boats are heavier to move around.

Teach Your Kids
Since 12 ft Jon boats have a large capacity to hold people and are lighter than bigger boats, you can stay close to your child while teaching them how to gear the boat and control it properly.

No one has time to clean or maintain the boats, so the 12 ft Jon boats have extra space for motors (compared to 10 ft Jon boats) and have much lighter motors (compared to 14 ft Jon boats), or sometimes no motor to save you the time and effort to maintain the boat.

Disadvantages of 12 ft Jon Boat

Less Water Support
If you’re on the rough water, there’s a high chance that the 12 ft Jon boat will not be able to support you, and there will be a risk of you falling in the water or the boat breaking.

No Bigger Space
Even though the 12 ft Jon boat is the perfect size for taking your kids out on a fishing trip, it is still smaller for bigger/larger families.

Risks of Getting Ruined
Since the boat is lightweight and easy to carry, it makes the boat a bit fragile and increases the risks of boat damage even when it’s in shallow water.

When Should You Buy A 12 ft Jon Boat?

If you want to teach your young anglers how to fish, a 12 ft Jon boat is a perfect choice. Not only this but a 12 ft Jon boat also lets you access small unpressured waters. Since you sit close to each other in the boat, it helps you with gear problems. Being a family boat, you can easily catch bigger fish and even pose for a picture with the fish while standing steadily.

When Should You Not Buy 12 ft Jon Boat?

If you usually go to a lake with a strong water flow, avoid buying the 12 ft Jon boat to prevent the risks of the boat losing control in the rough pressure of water.

Types of 12 ft Jon Boats

Jon boats are an all-time option for people who love to go fishing or hunting. The best 12 ft Jon boats are the utility boats, easily accessible to many laborers or workers from many fields, especially those living near the lakes or the fishing areas.

Below are some of the best types for the 12 ft Jon boats.

By Material
Jon boats are made of different materials, including aluminum, fiberglass, wood, and even plastic. So, make sure you choose the one that best suits your requirements.

Bottom Flat Jon Boats
Jon boats also come with flat bottoms. It is one of the most wanted and loved boats of all time with minimalistic features, and it is more stable than any other boat.

Semi-V Jon Boats
Semi-V Jon boats, also known as modified-V Jon boats, are famous among many hunters. Since the Jon boat with a flat bottom cannot handle a strong water flow, the Semi-V Jon boats help you with that.

5 best new jon boats for sale (in our opinion)

These are just the 5 best new jon boats you could buy in our opinion. This is our subjective list. The prices are provided for reference reasons only. Please contact the manufacturer or dealer for the actual pricing. We don’t sell these boats directly.

Sun Dolphin American 12 Jon

Sun Dolphin American 12” Jon boat// Custom Plastic Jon Boat // Updated  Version - YouTube | Jon boat, Boat, Dolphins

Making: High-Density Polyethylene and rough UV-stabilized Fortiflex.
Technical Parameters: Holds up to 241 kg with a limited lifetime warranty.
Why is it in our top 5 list? It has a 6 HP rating and is possibly the best utility boat.
Pros and Cons: Some advantages of the boat consist of it being lightweight and the cheapest utility boat. The disadvantages include the boat being less stable and having higher life-threatening risks.
Price: It costs from $749.99 minimum with a manufacturer ever so considerate to provide a warranty along with it too.
Reviews: This Jon boat is best known for being a budget-friendly fishing boat. It’s a solid Jon boat with an efficient motor.

Pelican Intruder Jon Boat

Buy Pelican - Boat Intruder 12 - Jon Fishing Boat - 12 ft. - Great for  Hunting/Fishing, Khaki/Beige Online in Vietnam. B07YNHZMYF

Making: It is made out of collision-resistant RAM-X and UV material
Technical Parameters: It has the capacity to hold up to 2 people, with a total weight being 420 lbs.
Why is it in our top 5 list? It has bench-style seats with a built-in motor system, making it even better than any other boat.
Pros and Cons: It is 12 ft long and has handles to hold you as the boat rummages through the water. It does not have an extended warranty; the 1-year warranty is still available.
Price: The price of the Pelican Intruder Jon boat starts from $499.99, even lower than the last one.
Reviews: Users have praised this Jon boat for being well-constructed and sturdy. It is best for 2 people to lift and move around. Be it medium to large-sized freshwater lakes, you’ll never have a problem with dents or cracks.

Lund WC-12 boat

Lund WC 12 - Boater's Choice Canada's Best Fish, Ski, Pontoon Boat &  Accessories Dealer

Making: Aluminium is the primary material in the making of the boat.
Technical Parameters: The boat’s maximum capacity is 3 people since the boat only weighs 205 lbs.
Why is it in our top 5 list? WC-12 is said to provide you with a smooth ride no matter the event; fishing, hunting, or even camping.
Pros and Cons You can make memories with your loved ones while hunting or fishing, but the only drawback is that the boat has the capacity of only 3 people.
Price: from $4,663
Reviews: Lund WC 12 Jon boat is best reviewed by people who love camping, fishing, or hunting as this WC boat offers a smooth ride and a perfect fishing boat experience.

Stalker MV-120

Stalker MV 120

Making: Fiberglass is the material in the making of this boat.
Technical Parameters: This could be the perfect option for you with2 vacant seats and a 140lb weight.
Why is it in our top 5 list? Unlike other Jon boats, this one has multiple useful features for any fisherman.
Pros and Cons It is suitable for turbulent flow of water and the salt-water at affordable prices. The only drawback of the boat is that it has the lowest capacity for people.
Price: starts from $1,693
Reviews: Stalker MV-120 is best reviewed for its fiberglass construction material. This boat is famous among fishermen as it is quiet, stable, and can be used in both saltwater and freshwater.

Crestliner 1240 CR Jon Boat

Crestliner Fishing Boats |1240 CR Jon Boat

Making: It is made up of Aluminium with a flat bottom.
Technical Parameters: The boat runs smoothly with seatings of 3 and a maximum capacity of 535 lbs.
Why is it in our top 5 list? It has many features and accessories for both the outside and inside of the boat.
Pros and Cons: It is the strongest on the water and can also face rough and rugged water flow. The only drawback is that the boat has less capacity for weight.
Price: starts from $1,153
Reviews: This aluminum flat-bottom jon boat is popular among people who love to hunt bass and panfish in lakes, ponds, and rivers.

5 best used jon boats for sale (in our opinion)

These are just the 5 best used jon boats you could buy in our opinion. This is our subjective list. The prices are provided for reference reasons only. Please contact the sellers for the actual pricing. We don’t sell these boats directly.

1. 2009 Crestliner CR1232

Making: The model is Crestliner which is made up of aluminum material.
Technical Parameters: It is 12ft long, and the beam is 2.67ft.
Why is it in our top 5 list? The boat is offered in a good state and is affordable.
Pros and Cons: As the boat is of Crestliner line, there are many advantages like multiple seating with a motor and many more. The drawback of this boat is that the company doesn’t offer any guarantee or warranty.
Price: starts from $1,100
Reviews: Crestliner’s Jon boats have been famous among anglers due to their welded seams, stable and quiet ride, and faster hulls.

2. Used 1980 Jon Boat

Making: Other.
Technical Parameters: It has a length of 12ft and a total power of 7hp.
Why is it in our top 5 list? It has been offered with the promise of a good condition and smoothly working one.
Pros and Cons: There aren’t many cons, unlike many pros of the boat that help you surf swiftly on the water.
Price: $2,800
Reviews: Users of 1980 lowe boats have praised them for being all-welded aluminum and affordable boats that are best for families and anglers.

3. 2017 Tracker Aluminium Jon Boat

Used 2017 Tracker Topper 1542 Riveted Jon, 38843 Fulton - Boat Trader

Making: Aluminium.
Technical Parameters: 12ft length and 15 hp Mercury 4 stroke.
Why is it in our top 5 list? Because of the clean environment of the boat and smoothly running motor, it deserves to be in the top 5.
Pros and Cons: You can easily pull-start it as it runs smoothly and great. There isn’t any advantage of the boat other than it being expensive.
Price: $3,500
Reviews: There aren’t many reviews available about the boat.

12ft Aluminium Jon Boat

Making: Aluminium.
Technical Parameters: 12ft length.
Why is it in our top 5 list? The product is said to work smoothly and run flowy on the lousy flow of water.
Pros and Cons: It has multiple seating and is smooth for fishing, hunting, camping, and many more; however, the only drawback of the boat is it is used.
Price: $290
Reviews: Aluminum Jon boats are the first go-to option for many anglers.

Alumacraft Extra Wide 12ft

Making: Alumacraft.
Technical Parameters: 12ft length, Swivel Seats.
Why is it in our top 5 list? Even though it is used, it is still in new condition.
Pros and Cons: The advantage is that it has no space for water leaking. The only con is that it is a used boat.
Price: $650
Reviews: Since the boat is still up for sale with legalized paperwork, there haven’t been any reviews.

Wrap Up

Always make sure the best 12 ft jon boat you’re going to buy has all the features and the requirements you need. It will be easier for you to understand which best models you want to buy once you understand your requirements to get the boat that best helps you take your family out on a fishing vacation or even go camping on the other side of the lake.

Some of the shortlists that we have made from the best 5 new Jon boats are listed below.
– Sun Dolphin American 12 Jon Boat
– Pelican Intruder Jon Boat
– WC-12
The reasons have been mentioned above in their allocated descriptions.

The shortlist for the 5 best used Jon boats is mentioned below, so make sure to look.
– 2009 Crestliner CR1232
– 1980 Jon Boat12’
– 2017 Tracker Aluminium Jon Boat
The reasons behind making this list with specific boats have been mentioned above with their descriptions.