Best Jon Boat Seats, Mounts, Swivels and Pedestals in 2020

Why jon boat seats?

If the car is a means of off-road transportation, then Jon boats are an indispensable means for free movement across the expanses of rivers and small seas. But getting a Jon boat is only half the battle. For a water journey to be unusually successful – you cannot do without additional accessories.

This article contains some of the best seats for your Jon boat available in 2020. For confidence in the right choosing – read the article in which you will learn all the nuances and understand what you need in add-ons for the boat.

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Types of Jon boat seats

When it comes to seats for Jon boats, there are plenty of choices you can make. 

Lightweight folding seats

These are light seats designed for Jon boats or boats that move at low speed, and also as a place for a fisherman or hunter. Most often used in conjunction with suitable lightweight support in the form of additional quick-release space in the bow of the boat. The seats are made entirely of plastic and are therefore lightweight. They are not designed for heavy loads. Sitting 1 – a seat with removable cushions that can be removed to dry if necessary. Sitting 2 – economy version, with small non-removable pillows, equipped with an additional rigid point of support for the back, which strengthens the structure. The advantage of folding seats is that when folded, they free up space in the boat and do not interfere with the installation of a transport awning on the boat.

Soft folding seats

These foldable seats have a plastic base and reinforced hinges. In some models, the fastening elements between the back and the seat are made of metal (seat 4, 5). Sitting 3 – a seat with orthopedic support back. Seat 4 can have three backrest positions, and when folded, the user receives a flat, horizontal surface that can be used as a table. The best-selling model is seat 5 because it is very compact, reliable enough, and has a low price. Installed on any support or support through an adapter.

Reversible seats

The armchairs are soft, equipped with a reclining frame that allows the backrest to be rearranged by 180 degrees. The seat base is made of high-strength plastic. The swing frames and their bases are made of steel or aluminum. The soft cushions are made of high-quality vinyl designed for marine use. Seats are installed either on seat support or a stationary locker (aft sofa). The convenience of the model – changing the direction of the seat back without turning it, which makes it possible to install the seat in a confined space. You can install this type of seats right next to the side or side by side to each other. These seats are durable enough to fit in speed boats.

Extra comfort seats

These seats are comfortable and aesthetically pleasing, but they are large enough. Most often they are produced with armrests and sometimes have a fold-over bottom cushion that allows the driver to take a higher sitting position when driving a boat. High-strength plastic at the base of the seats. The material of the soft elements is a high-quality vinyl, adapted for use in marine conditions. Can be fitted with or without seat support.

Seats with swivel

First of all, the swing mechanism will interest fishermen. Agree that sitting in a Jon boat, casting a fishing rod or spinning rod, sitting comfortably in a chair, is much more pleasant than just sitting on a bank. In this position, the back will not be numb, and there will be no painful sensation that prolonged exposure to the water brings painful sensations, not pleasure. Several people can turn their seats in the boat in the direction they need, and not interfere with each other in throwing gear.

  • 360-degree, ball-bearing Jon boat seat swivel
  • Steel construction with black powder coat finish

Seats with pedestal

The most common inventory includes Jon boat seat pedestals and mounts that provide an air-cushioned and adjustable ride. Durable, anodized aluminum construction with steel rail frames and stainless steel springs will provide support and flexibility for years to come.

  • Seat height and slide adjustment, 360 ° rotation with locking handle
  • Pedestal support
  • Anodized polished aluminum
  • Suitable for all brands of Jon boat seats

Seats with clamp

There is a big assortment that does offer a range of clamping options that should work on almost any Jon boat set-up.

  • Jon boat clamp with swivel adjusts to fit just about any boat
  • Constructed of heavy-duty e-coated steel frame bars, injection-molded plastic brackets, steel ball-bearing swivel
  • Comes with optional special retainer kit for secure mounting
  • Clamp mounts on all flat seat surface up to 20.5″ wide
  • Easy on and off

Seats with mounts 

Jon boat seats and mounts come in a wide range of types and styles to suit the numerous boats and applications out there. There are two standard mounting options. Standard 7-inch mounting template and slide mounting. It is possible, however, that many boat seats will attach to both the standard 7-inch and the rail, so you need to choose a boat seat attachment pattern to select the correct attachment system.

  • Vehicle specific fitment, no fabrication or adapting required
  • Double locking runners provide easy seat adjustment

Camo Jon boat seats 

Camouflage Jon boat seats have a huge advantage in design. If you want the military look to be disguised for duck hunting, then look no further. Many camouflage versions are available. This is a durable and stylish option that makes it easy to modify the Jon boat.

  • Provides comfortable boat seating
  • The seat is UV- and mildew-resistant with easy-to-clean vinyl and a standard seat hole-mounting pattern
  • Invisible in the environment
  • The durable seat can withstand the long-term rigors of a marine environment

Reviews of the top 5 best Jon boat seats in the market:

Millennium Marine B100 Jon Boat Seat

The Millennium Marine B100 patented ComfortMax Seat is designed for years of solid use and comfort. The ComfortMax seat will perform excellently in all weather conditions and temperatures. The UV resistant material is extremely durable and is used by many pro outfits. 

Millennium Marine B100 Boat Seat Pros: 

  • The B100 Boat seat is UV, mold, and mildew resistant
  • The seat frame is constructed of aluminum for years of rugged and comfortable service
  • The seat folds down
  • Easy to clean

Millennium Marine B100 Boat Seat Cons:

  • The Jon boat seat gets hot when exposed to sunlight for some time

Attwood Folding Boat Seat – Low-Back Padded, High-Impact Plastic Frame

Attwood has released a Jon boat seat that is made for fishing and boating. These are aluminum boat seats with an injection-molded high-impact marine-grade frame. The seats come with threaded inserts and machine screws for you to install them with. The white seat has an appearance with an impact-resistant plastic frame and aluminum hinges. 

Attwood Folding Boat Seat Pros:

  • Provides comfortable boat seating
  • The durable seat can withstand the long-term rigors of a marine environment
  • The seat is UV- and mildew-resistant with easy-to-clean vinyl and a standard seat hole-mounting pattern

Attwood Folding Boat Seat Cons: 

  • The white color of the seat does not guarantee visual cleanliness during use

Leader Accessories New Plastic Shell Folding Boat Seat

This Jon boat seat is very soundly made with a fantastic fold down and simple design. You can install them on a simple Jon boat seat and mount. Do not need to reinforce the bottom with plywood or anything. Just used the supplied bolts directly into the plastic mounting holes. If the weight will be 200 lbs+ you would first anchor a piece of 1/2′ plywood to all 8 or so mounting holes and then mount the Jon boat seat. This would help spread out the stress on the points.

Leader Accessories New Plastic Shell Folding Boat Seat Pros:

  • Use standard 5″x 5″mounting bolt pattern
  • Compression foam padding remains firm for all-day comfort
  • The ideal combination of comfort and affordability

Leader Accessories New Plastic Shell Folding Boat Seat Cons:

  • The base is made of plastic which can probably crack under a sudden heavy weight or after a long time due to many uses

Wise Deluxe High-Back Seat for boats

This is a 360-degree folding Jon boat seat with compression padding. Low back product design. The Jon boat seat frame is made of impact-resistant injection-molded plastic and aluminum side hinges.

Wise Deluxe High-Back Seat Pros:

  • High Back design & Injection Molded seat frame
  • No Pinch aluminum hinges
  • Foam padding stays firm for all-day comfort and is plastic-sealed to keep out moisture

Wise Deluxe High-Back Seat Cons:

  • The seat might be a little small for some users
  • The strap is weak and brittle. It breaks easily 

North Captain T1 Deluxe Low Back Folding Boat Seat (2 Seats)

The Tempress All-Weather Jon boat seat is a versatile chair that can be converted into any type of seat you would like. It has high-density foam padding. It is ergonomic design is contoured and made to fit the user’s body. It also accepts a quick disconnect mount.

North Captain T1 Deluxe Low Back Folding Boat Seat Pros:

  • Low-Back boat seat design ideal for fishing and boating, aluminum hinges enable backrest to be flipped down, creating more space
  • Injection-molded plastic seat frame made from UV resistant polypropylene
  • Compression foam padding remains firm after long-term use, UV treated 28 oz. Marine Grade Vinyl
  • Easy to install on any standard 4-bolt swivel or pedestal, 4 mounting screws included. No swivel/pedestal included

North Captain T1 Deluxe Low Back Folding Boat Seat Cons: 

  • It has no locking mechanism to strap the seat down when not in use or during travels

Frequently asked questions 

What are the most trusted Jon boat seat brands?

The most trusted Jon boat seat brands in the market are Millennium Treestands, MSC, Leader Accessories, and Attwood. Most of these brands have been producing fishing and boating equipment for a long time now which gives them the advantage to know those who use their product. 

  • Millennium Treestands

Millennium Treestands is known for producing good hunting gear. They specialize in equipment for fishing and boating but also ground hunting. 

  • MSC

FMSC has specialized in improving water and outdoor gear. With guaranteed high quality at a competitive price, by this, they ensure that all those who buy their product will get their money’s worth with satisfaction.

  • Leader Accessories 

Leader Accessories do not just cover water leisure but also dedicate their effort to other leisures such as camping, hunting, and watersports. 

  • Attwood 

Attwood has been in the marine business for more than 100 years now.  They ensure for their customers is to ensure safety and reliability brought about by their products. They offer almost all the components that consist of the boat from electrical, fuel, seating, and accessories.

How to install a Jon boat seat?

When installing the Jon boat seat, you will be faced with the standard installation procedure. The complexity of this depends on what features you would like to have on your boat.

Some of the basic things you need when installing a new or redesigned seat in a Jon boat are the seat mount, base plate, clamping system, screws or bolts required, nuts, and chair.

There are many videos and tutorials available on the Internet that can help you, which you can find using a search engine.

What is the value of a product warranty?

You can buy Jon boat seats in online selling platforms like Amazon, eBay, and others. Prices for seats bought from a store and online may vary. Prices for seats bought from a store and online may vary. One of the advantages of being able to buy from stores is that you can see and touch the product itself; another advantage is to be able to converse and inquire about the product to the seller.

No buyer has ever complained about the lack of comfort when a comfortable, high-quality chair was installed on the motor. It is for this reason that buying a Jon boat seat will be the right decision, to present once and for all to itself and passengers the maximum of comfort during a regular nature rest in the conditions of a river or sea.

Jon boat seat mounts

Once you have invested in a new racing seat for your car you want to ensure that you have got the best possible driving position and that you’re in a comfortable place to drive. 

There are many types of Jon boat seats and each of them has advantages and application features. To choose the right Jon boat seat, you must first decide on its size. An oversized seat or seat with armrests can make it difficult to access the engine commander. Or make it impossible to use the seat swivel function. If there is not enough room for turning in Jon boat, and you want to install such seats, then you can try to solve this problem by installing a slider between the support and this seat. It will be enough to move the Jon boat seat forward and then it will be possible to turn the chair around the axis. If you have a small boat, then a foldable seat with a small size is most likely suitable for you. If you have a speedboat, it is best to opt for a secure reinforced Jon boat seat and secure support with an increased base diameter, and possibly hydraulic shock absorption on the go. The seats are also durable, several Jon boat seats can only be used on slow-speed boats or as an additional (removable) fishing chair that cannot be used when the boat is moving. When choosing folding Jon boat seats, great attention should be paid to the strength of the hinges and the strength of the seat base. Correlate your choice with the weight of the driver and passengers. Also, when buying a chair, you need to pay attention to its fastening. Some Jon boat seats have a 6-bolt connection, in which case they are attached to the support only through a slider (sled).

Jon Boat Seat Pedestals

  1. Attwood 91320-ADJ Swivel-Eze Adjustable Pedestal, Height Adjustable 11 ¬Ω-17 ¬Ω Inches, For Boat Seat, Black Powder Coated

Attwood Swivel-Eze Adjustable Pedestal provides a secure and stable anchorage point for the Jon boat seat. This durable pedestal features reinforced welded joints for added strength, and it has a black powder-coat finish that will withstand the rigors of a marine environment. 


  • Outstanding durability and height-adjustability make it an exceptional value
  • Durable pedestal features reinforced welded joints for added strength
  • The black powder-coat finish will withstand the rigors of a marine environment
  • Features integrated base mounting plate and seat mounting plate


  • Needs to be bolted through the deck with a backing plate

Attwood 91320-ADJ Swivel–Eze Adjustable Pedestal, Height Adjustable 11 -17 Inches, For Boat Seat, Black Powder Coated

Fastening of Jon boat seats. Its adjustable height and durability make this support extremely valuable. The plinth has reinforced welding joints for added strength and a black powder finish that withstands the harsh sea conditions.

Attwood 91320-ADJ Swivel–Eze Adjustable Pedestal Pros:

  • Durable pedestal features reinforced welded joints for added strength
  • Sturdy and reliable mounting point for a boat seat
  • The black powder-coat finish will withstand the rigors of a marine environment

Attwood 91320-ADJ Swivel–Eze Adjustable Pedestal Cons:

  • May be somewhat difficult to install, recommended bolts (not included) may not fit into grooves

Attwood SP-67749 Swivel-Eze Lock’N-Pin Aluminum 7-Inch x 7-Inch Marine Boat 3/4-Inch Pedestal Base

Option features an acetal sleeve for a secure fit and durability. Easy to install with six screws or bolts through the deck. Add more seating to your pontoon, fishing, or cruise boat with seats.

Attwood SP-67749 Swivel-Eze Lock’N-Pin Pros:

  • Brushed aluminum finish for appealing look and corrosion resistance
  • Six bolt or screw attachment (hardware not included)
  • Included Components: End Product; Information
  • Sport Type: Boating

Attwood SP-67749 Swivel-Eze Lock’N-Pin Cons:

  • No stainless steel mounting screws
  • Only one color choice
  • Plastic insert sleeve may wear out over time

Jon Boat Seat Mounts and Swivels

Attwood 15700-3 Seat Mount, Clamp-On With Swivel, Adjusts from 7 inches to 18 inches, Black, Powder-Coated Aluminum

This adjustable Attwood Seat Mount with a Jon boat swivel action can accept seats with all the most popular mounting hole patterns. This durable, reliable Jon boat seat mount features aluminum construction with a black powder-coated finish.

Attwood 15700-3 Seat Mount Pros: 

  • The versatile mount is ideal for use in Jon boats
  • Durable aluminum construction with a black powder-coated finish
  • Swivel action seat mount can accept seats with all the most popular mounting hole patterns

Attwood 15700-3 Seat Mount Cons: 

  • May not fit all boat models


This is a very well constructed, all steel, Jon boat seat base. Use it to replace a base that broke (which maybe was plastic). The swivel is tight until you use it and it loosens up perfectly.


  • Vinyl Coated Clamps
  • 360° Swivel Base
  • Adjustable, Slotted Bolt Pattern For A Universal Fit
  • Country Of Origin: China


  • This product can expose you to chemicals including TDI, which are known to the state of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.

Wise WD10 360-Degree Flat Boat Seat Swivel

Wise Company WD10 ball bearing swivel. Measures 61/4″ overall and features a 5 1/4″ bolt pattern that fits most boat seats on the market today. Steel construction with black powder coat finish. 

Wise WD10 360-Degree Flat Boat Seat Swivel Pros:

  • 360-degree, ball-bearing boat seat swivel
  • Steel construction with black powder coat finish
  • Measures 6 1/4 inches overall
  • 5 1/4 inch bolt pattern fits most boat seats
  • Made in the USA

Wise WD10 360-Degree Flat Boat Seat Swivel Cons:

  • When tightly assembled, the product does not guarantee rotation

Jon Boat Covers

Classic Accessories Jon Boat Cover

The fit of the cover is very good for Jon boat. Protects 10′ – 12′ Jon boats from dirt, sun, and weather. Weather Protected polyester fabric resists mildew.

Classic Accessories Jon Boat Cover Pros:

  • Weather Protected polyester fabric resists mildew
  • Strong lightweight  cover
  • Dual air vents reduce inside moisture and air pressure in winds, heavy-duty non-scratch D-rings

Classic Accessories Jon Boat Cover Cons:

  • This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm
  • The fabric is nothing super heavy-duty, but also not extremely lightweight either

Jon Boat Trolling Motors

Minn Kota Endura Transom Mount Trolling Motor

Good, inexpensive trolling motor and incredibly energy efficient. A great addition to fishing on Jon boat. It motors the boat across the larger bodies of water when I need it. Rotation on the speed switch is nice, there is a little rigidity to it and so you won’t mistakenly switch speed.

Minn Kota Endura Transom Mount Trolling Motor Pros:

  • Lever lock bracket
  • Telescoping tiller
  • Indestructible composite shaft — for life
  • Easy to install

Minn Kota Endura Transom Mount Trolling Motor Cons:

  • The wiring connected to the speed switch would be sealed and turn out it was not

Boat Paint

TotalBoat Aluminum Boat Paint (Army Green, Quart) (511784)

Total Boat Aluminum Paint gives aluminum and galvanized metal boats an attractive, corrosion-resistant, non-reflective low-sheen finish that improves concealment in natural settings. Great for aluminum duck boats, Jon boats, bass boats, pontoon boats, trailers, and any other aluminum boats or boat parts, such as railings and spars. 

TotalBoat Aluminum Boat Paint Pros:

  • The attractive, low-sheen finish won’t peel, chip, or fade. Resists abrasion, chemicals, and prevents corrosion
  • Apply directly to metal by brush, roller, or spray. No primer necessary, the chromate-free formula features excellent adhesion, low odor, and simple soap & water cleanup

TotalBoat Aluminum Boat Paint Cons:

  • The color will not always be the same as on the can

Leader Accessories 4 Bow Bimini Tops Boat Cover 4 Straps for Front and Rear Includes Hardware with 1 Inch Aluminum Frame

Awnings – awnings, widely used on various floating craft as a flexible removable roof, as a rule, tightly fit the boat with the help of ropes and hooks on the sides. The material is dense enough to keep out water and withstand the pressure of falling raindrops, even hail.

Leader Accessories 4 Bow Bimini Tops Boat Cover Pros:

  • Made of marine-grade 600D polyester fabric.Double overlapped stitching
  • All stainless steel mounting hardware, color-coordinated zippered storage boot, and assembly instructions included

Leader Accessories 4 Bow Bimini Tops Boat Cover Cons: 

  • In case of damage during transportation, further installation problems may arise


Shortly speaking, the seat must be strong enough to withstand not only your weight but also your extra load. Other equally important characteristics are:

  • Ergonomics to avoid unpleasant sensations
  • Type of anchorage of the seat on the boat so that it can be installed on your motorized vessel
  • If it is to be stored in the open air, it shall be kept separately in the chair
  • Lightness to not feed the boat while drifting on the water
  • The availability of a bending mechanism enhances the seating capacity of boats

It is these characteristics that should be considered in the first place so that the purchased chair does not disappoint you with the only inappropriate characteristic.

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