Best 14 ft Jon Boat Modifications. See Real Boat Mods for Decking, Fishing, Hunting, etc.

Are you interested in 14 ft jon boat modifications? Here are some of the best 14 ft. jon boat mods to consider and what would work for you.

Our top list of 14 ft boat mods

Why modify a 14 ft Jon boat?

There are so many ways to customize your 14 ft. jon boat with modifications! There are some things to consider before you begin researching and implementing any modifications.

Do you plan to try to resell your jon boat soon? Specific modifications could help or hurt resale value. Often getting into niche areas is a labor of love and you may or may not see money back for those upgrades. If you do plan on selling at some point this should not deter you from any modifications though. Many broad and popular upgrades would suit many people who could be thinking of purchasing your jon boat in time. Taking into consideration the time and money you want to spend on modifications will play a big role in this one.

Will you get to enjoy the work and money you have put in while keeping in mind you will either have to do it again if purchasing another jon boat? If you have no plans of selling your jon boat then this is not a concern. Carefully considering what you do out on the water will help narrow down which upgrades will be right for your jon boat, whether it be general recreation, hunting, or fishing. Will these modifications interfere with storage or transportation? It is easier to keep in mind what will work with your setup instead of being unable to trailer after doing certain upgrades and having to make many more changes to accommodate your current setup. Modifications range from smaller and easily integrated things such as a cooler on board, to complete overhauls with added raised decking. Will you be using the jon boat enough to enjoy large upgrades that can take a lot of time and money to install? Or would you rather stick to smaller modifications? Either way, this list of possible modifications for your 14 ft. jon boat has a little bit for all interests. There are many broad categories of possible modifications to get into.

Modifications can be broken up into some categories to help determine what may work for you. Some modifications do not fit nicely into the categories but getting an idea of where to start can be helpful and maybe lead into other areas.

The first is adding a cover to your jon boat. Covers come in many different varieties, styles, and cost points. This list does not focus on storage covers but covers you can use while the boat is in use. Bimini and cabin covers are popular choices and can add some protection and comfort while out on the water. The next modification is custom paint, this could include camouflage options for hunting or a complete mobile duck blind! There are some smaller and more cost-effective options, such as implementing a cooler, grill, or beverage station. These can be great if planning recreational trips or are out for long periods.

The biggest category of modifications is probably electronics. This includes everything from trolling motors to a sound system. We will get into the different electronic options in the list below. One of the easiest and most useful modifications is storage options. This can be tailored to your unique use of the jon boat, from extra rod holders to decoy storage onboard. Is the surface of your boat in need of something extra? Carpeting, non-skid flooring, and rock-proof paint on the bottom can all add some comfort or protection. Depending on your jon boat, you may need to add or upgrade your current seating arrangement. Some have bench seats included or you can upgrade to swivel or pedestal seating.

The last few modifications we will explore are grab bars and the inclusion of oars. Oars for rowing may be your primary traveling use, however, they can also make a very nice backup plan if something fails. Grab bars or leaning posts can give some stability when standing or just needing some extra security. This is a brief overview of some modifications you can include on your 14 ft. jon boat. In the following lists, we will take a closer look at the advantages, disadvantages, and general information about each.

Top 20 modifications for 14 ft Jon boats

Here are some of the top modifications for a 14 ft. jon boat. The list is in no particular order, as the ranking will vary on what the individual needs are. These options will help to give an oversight of the possible ways you can have more fun, comfort, or usefulness out on the water.

Bimini cover for Jon boat

This is a light cover that can be added to your jon boat. Most can easily be folded down or put up. A bimini cover offers some sun and light rain protection. Perfect for some added comfort and shade out on the water.

Jon boats cover cabin

The cabin cover is a total enclosure. This provides much more than a bimini cover will. However, these are often more permanent and not easily taken off. Can be great if planning long trips out or want superior weather protection.

Custom paint for Jon boats

The cabin cover is a total enclosure. This getting a custom paint job can be a fun way to customize your jon boat or just freshen it up. Custom paint can be anything from a solid color to camouflage to give you the edge in hunting. 

Rock proof paint for Jon boats

At some point, you will probably hit a rock. Adding rock-proof paint can help minimize the impact. Jon boats are great for shallow waters but can still come into contact with some obstacles. Preparing your boat with some extra durability can save a lot of time or money in the long run.

Jon boat cooler or kitchen station

Taking along a cooler for a water trip is usually at the top of the list for supplies. If you aren’t out often this might not be a big burden to you but having a cooler integrated with your jon boat can save time and having to lug around that cooler. Not only is it already on the boat but having it nicely secured will leave it in one place. 
A kitchen station is a bit more in-depth than a cooler setup. This can include a grill or beverage station. If you are planning on camping or overnight trips this could a great addition. Another benefit is not having to carry around a bunch of equipment, that can be already stored and secured on the boat. It could also just be an ultimate setup for a good day out.

Trolling motor or trailer winch for Jon boats

A trolling motor is the first of the electrical on the list. This is another decision with pros and cons. Where are you planning on taking your jon boat? Certain places do not allow motors or only certain sizes. However, if you are planning some big trips or going to bigger places this may be a necessity. 
A trailer winch can be a huge help in getting loaded up after a long day out. Jon boats come in a variety of sizes and weights, having a mechanical helping hand will save a lot of time and labor. 

Jon boat lights and sound system

Light modifications can mean a lot of different things. Having some navigation or auxiliary lighting can be helpful for you and others. If you plan on being out in the early morning or late at night when it is still dark, lights are very helpful. 
A sound system can be an enjoyable modification to include. If you are planning on some fun recreational trips, including a sound system can be a lot of entertainment.

Jon boats with battery or solar

Are you planning on adding any electronics? Having a battery will power a lot of things you may want to add. Take into consideration what size you will need to power everything and where to put it. Some jon boats have specific battery compartments and others you will have to create your own. 
Solar power is also an option. This is more suited to long-term trips or a great backup option. This can be a costly implementation but there is something to be said for self-sufficiency on the water.

Storage for Jon boats

Good storage solutions make everyone happier. Being able to secure your items and quickly find or sort through them. Storage is a very broad category. This can cover fishing items, hunting, or just general use things. Even if you do not plan to go for overnight trips having some onboard storage is great.

Carpeting for Jon boats

Some marine-grade carpet on your jon boat deck can make a huge difference. It can add some visual appeal and help keep a nonslip surface. This can also include a non-skid mat or rubber flooring. This can also help keep the boat cooler in areas while out in the hot sun.

Jon boats seating

You may already have built-in bench seats or seating included on your jon boat. However, if you do not then you may want to consider adding some. Swivel seats or pedestal seats can add a lot of comfort to the boat. 

Jon boat grab bar

A grab bar adds a nice place to, as the name implies, grab ahold of. This can be an extra point to steady yourself when reeling in a big fish or a nice lean post. A grab bar adds a nice high point to have ahold of when you need it. 

Oarlocks for Jon boats

Sometimes things happen on the water and having a plan B doesn’t hurt. Oars and rowing may be your main mode of travel, however, if you are relying on a motor that fails, this can make a good backup. Including oars and oarlocks can save you from a tough situation.

Jon boats for fishing

There are many different fishing modifications you can make to your 14 ft. jon boat. If the majority of your time will be spent fishing then looking into some of these will give you a more pleasant experience. The live well and fishing-specific storage solutions are a few top fishing modifications.

Jon boat with live well

A live well is a great addition to your fishing boat. This will include flowing water to keep the fish alive. This can be used for tournaments as well.

Rod or lures storage for Jon boats

Have you ever considered that you bring too much stuff while fishing? No? Then you’re going to need somewhere to store it all. Bringing multiple rigged fishing rods can save a lot of time while trying to land that big fish. Having the right rod storage will keep them all in place and ready to go. Lures and tackle storage should also be considered. Bring along your faithful tackle box is great, so either having somewhere to put that or having some extra compartments for those odds and ends.

Jon boat platform or raised deck

This can be as simple or complicated as you want. Having some extra space to stand while casting is a great advantage. There are also raised deck options depending on your needs.

Hunting with Jon boat

Hunting is also a great jon boat activity. There are many specific modifications you can add to help with storage or having a better setup.

Decoy or firearm storage for Jon boats

Having a place to keep your equipment is huge when you’re trying to quickly make decisions on the water. If you plan on hunting then having a decoy or firearm storage can be important. You want to keep your items nice and in their place.

Duck blind Jon boats

This is going to be a specific choice if you are planning on duck hunting. There are a variety of modifications that turns your entire jon boat into a mobile duck blind. 

Modifications for a 14 ft Jon boat deck

Implementing some deck modifications can have a huge impact on your jon boat. This list takes a closer look at what you can add, and whether it will work for you.

Fishing platform for Jon boats

Jon boat designs can vary a lot. From plastic or aluminum, the orientation can be not exactly what you want. A large flat area is a must for standing and casting on the water. This gives you space that might not be included in the original design.

Jon boats with raised deck

This takes a fishing platform concept to the next level. Having a total raised deck can give a lot of benefits. The storage underneath the deck can be a huge advantage, you’ve given yourself an extra boat length of storage opportunities. This also gives a lot more casting area. Having a nice large space lets you fish all around the boat instead of one small spot.

Elevated bowfishing platform for Jon boat

Are you more interested in bow fishing? Modifying your deck to have an elevated platform can give a bow fisher a distinct edge. This will give a better angle when fishing. This seems like a large undertaking but can be accomplished without too many costs.

Jon boat storage

Storage is a great addition. The open floor plan of a jon boat can leave this area lacking but gives you the chance to customize your space. This can include fishing storage, hunting storage, or camping items.

Battery compartment for Jon boats

Including a deck modification with a battery compartment is a consideration if you will be using one. A battery or other electrical components need more attention than general storage options. This will also need wiring and water-tight fittings. Ensuring you have enough battery power and wiring to get everything you want working.

Jon boat seating

Including a deck modification with a battery compartment is a consideration if you will be Including some seating on your deck will make being on the water a more comfortable experience. Seating has a few different options but is well worth the addition.

Cooler or kitchen for Jon boat

This can be as complex or simple as you want. Some modifications are just a secured regular cooler on the deck of a jon boat. However, you can have a fully integrated cooler that does not take up much space. Also such kitchen modifiers as a grill or prep area. A prep area can also double for cleaning fish.

Jon boat with electronics on deck

Electronic options are plentiful on boats. This is more focused on deck modifications though. A sound system can be a fun addition. Lights are going to be a more useful item. These are usually mandatory if you will be out in low-light situations in public areas. Lights are a great safety feature that should be included even if you only plan on being out in daylight.

Custom paint for Jon boats

A deck can be custom painted. This can include the rock proofing mentioned above or just used for true customization. A fresh coat of paint can transform even an older or used jon boat.

Covers for Jon boats

Covers for jon boats are a popular modification. A light bimini cover can provide some protection but is easily taken off or folded down. Cabin covers are more permanent but will provide the most sun and weather protection. Some cabin covers are set up to truly be cabins on the water.

14 ft Jon boat modifications for fishing

Fishing is a very popular jon boat activity. Many modifications can help you enjoy or be more competitive while fishing. 

Casting deck for Jon boat

A casting deck can be a fairly easy implementation for a big change on the boat. The first step you want to take is to measure your boat and the area you want the deck to be. Consider if you want just a small platform or something much larger and what shape it will need to be in. Before creating a template to cut out a casting deck, consider storage compartments, a trolling motor if you have one, or other things you will want easy access to. You will need some support for your platform, making a frame will give that support. Next, you will need to treat and seal your deck piece. Look for marine-grade sealants that can stand up to the water. Adding carpeting or a marine-grade cover will add extra durability and comfort. Last, install everything and get casting out on the water!

Jon boat with storage rods and lures

Keeping your fishing supplies stored nicely helps prevent damage, tangles, and just having them ready to use. The first thing to consider is your rod lengths. Do you want to store vertical or horizontal? The addition of some ram mounts makes a great practical storage solution. You can also install curved arms to hold the poles in place. Some people have tailored PVC piping to accommodate their fishing poles, which can be a great option while transporting too. 

Lure and tackle storage mean a lot of little items that need a place to be. You can create storage space to hold your tackle box, this will let you easily drop in and pick up your collection. Having some overfill storage can be helpful too. Having your favorite frog or worm tackle kit in a good place makes for a great fishing trip.

Cleaning station for Jon boat

Having a cleaning station right on board while fishing will save a lot of time, equipment, and mess. This is another modification that can be as simple or complex as you want. You can either purchase or construct your own cleaning station. Something to consider is a surface that bolts down and will be secured. Being able to drain and easily clean off the table should be included as well. A specific and covered knife area will keep everything in one place.

Live well for Jon boat

Depending on your end goal with a live well, you can purchase or create your own. The most basic live well just needs to include a container for water and moving in fresh water in that container.  You will need a pump that can handle the amount of water you want to be moving in and out of your container. This can keep fish or bait alive.

Jon boat with fishfinder

A fishfinder can range wildly in price. A few hundred dollars to thousands. There are plenty of features to consider when choosing a fishfinder. The depth range, quality of the picture, and settings are just a few factors when choosing a fishfinder You may need a battery hookup when installing your fishfinder too.

14 ft Jon boat modifications for hunting

Are you interested in using your jon boat for hunting? Many modifications can be a great addition. 

Duck blind Jon boat

Creating a duck blind on the water can be a fairly simple project. You can use a lot of different materials. Creating a weedy-looking side to your boat will make a huge difference in blending into the area. Including a camouflage pattern will help the boat to also blend in. PVC pipe can be the start of a lightweight frame to attach materials. Also, zip ties and garden decorations can be included to create a duck blind. 

Storage for Jon boat

Hunting equipment can be expensive, just like fishing equipment, so having nice storage areas will help protect your investment. Decoys are used in duck hunting and having a place for those will help ensure you always have what you need. In addition, firearm storage is important. You want a nice, dry area to keep these that is secured for safety as well.

Jon boat cooler

A cooler will be a great advantage after a successful hunting trip. A cool storage area will keep everything fresh so nothing goes to waste. Integrating a cooler setup will save time by not having to bring one, also giving a nice area so you do not have a cooler sliding around your whole trip.

Jon boat motor or rowing

A hunting trip can be a long day. Do you plan on using a motor on your boat or rowing? These can both play a part in where you are heading and what you are hunting. A motor can be unnecessarily noisy and give off fumes that may deter the wildlife, this may or may not be a consideration for your specific needs. Oars for rowing can either be your main mode of travel or just a great backup plan.

Custom paint for Jon boat

Camouflage paint will allow your vessel to blend in. Depending on your specific hunting and animal can dictate what exactly you are looking for. Certain animals can only see certain color spectrums. A good rule of thumb is any broken-up pattern will let you go unnoticed for a time longer.

Is there a 14 ft Jon boat mod that is right for you?

This is a plentiful list of 14 ft. jon boat modifications. Many have been covered, but there are still many others to explore. This list has been a broad look at some of the popular categories that can help make your boat your own.

Fishing trips can be much more enjoyable and fruitful when adding some of these modifications. You can also modify your boat to be the ultimate hunting ship. There are many deck modifications you can make. Simple and cost-effective ones can be some first tries if you are new to implementing modifications. Complex or purchased items can also be an option, depending on skillset or just wanting to get something and get back on the water. Many of these can be created on your own. Materials will range in price and availability. If you are new to jon boats or modifying, then starting on your own smaller projects can help you get a feel for what you want to look for and what goals you want to accomplish. This list is a great starting point for what modifications you might want to add.

To sum up, these are some of the items mentioned:

  • Covers are a good start, having a little shade on a hot day can make a day out enjoyable. These are popular, easily found, and not a niche interest that would hurt the resale value much.
  • Custom paint can turn an old vessel into new or lend an edge to your hunting trips.
  • The inclusion of a cooler, whether for some cool beverages to bring along or for storage is a nice multi-use addition. Branching off from the cooler, a kitchen area, cleaning station, or grill can also bring a lot of use for the time and money.
  • Storage for fishing, hunting, or several other things is huge and has been visited multiple times on this list for that reason. Having a bunch of gear scattered around leads to things getting damaged, lost, and taking more time to find something than enjoying your time out on the water.
  • Electronics cover a huge number of things.
  • Trolling motor, batteries, fishfinder, lights, and sounds, the list goes on. If you are avoiding the hassle of batteries or wiring then these may not be things you want to include. However, certain electronics can provide a lot of different things and something to consider in the future even if you don’t want the hassle right now.
  • Carpeting and other decking options can do a lot for being out on the water. Carpet, non-skid mat, or rubber flooring can lend comfort and visual appeal to your jon boat. Your jon boat may already come with seating or bench seats. These might be just fine for your needs, however, if you want to upgrade or add then seating modifications are available.
  • Swivel and pedestal seating is the most popular and easily found. There are also grab bars that can be a great simple addition. Oars or paddles can be a great safety net if you plan on using a trolling motor. This covers most of the items on the list.

Have you weighed the pros and cons of including modifications on your 14 ft. jon boat? There are plenty to choose from in a wide variety of categories. You can also focus on interests, to give a specific and customized feel to your boat. Modifications can be simple and constructed yourself. They can also be expensive and store-bought. Both avenues serve a purpose and neither one is better than the other for every person or modification you are trying to include. This list helps start your search and hopefully find some upgrades that make your time out on the water better!