16 ft jon boats for sale

Best used 16 ft boats for sale


Lowe used Jon boat $11,950 in Vancouver, WA

2022 Lowe Boats L1652MT Jon. 2022 Yamaha 20HP 4-Stroke with Electric Start. MT-series riveted aluminum jon boats are stable, smooth,


Flat Bottom used Jon boat $8,500 in Tampico, IL

Alumacraft jon boat. 30lb MinnKota deckhand. 55lb thrust MinnKota Powerdrive trolling motor. 40hp Evinrude E-Tec tiller with stainless steel prop.

Good used Jon boat $4,200 in Eastman, WI

Good used Jon boat $4,200 in Eastman, WI

1648 modified v big jon. Backwater kit with predator 15.8 hp motor. Headlight, nice galvanized trailer. Extra larger prop.


Aluminum used Jon boat $1,000 in Yale, VA

16 ft aluminum jon boat. Two seats. No title.


Lowe used Jon boat $15,000 in Salt Lake City, UT

Lowe used Jon boat with custom-built for fly-fishing Stillwater skiff. 30hp Mercury side console (6.6gal removable fuel tank in stern).


Since the late 19th century, 16 ft. flat bottom Jon boats have been plowing water currents. These vessels have been found useful for float fishing, timber transportation, and duck hunting. Travelers and visiting tourists liked the opportunity to use flat-bottom boats, as they could fish while standing and were not afraid of capsizing.

Now with such ideas, 16 ft Jon boats are actively being acquired, since they are able to work on very shallow water and, thus, are often used in rocky rivers and areas with flooded obstacles, such as oyster corals and bars, which is most important not alone, but with passengers on board due to the acceptable length, depth, and breadth of the vessel.

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Most popular 16ft jon boats for sale (in our opinion)

L1652MT 16 ft. Jon

Since 1972 have been serving anglers, hunters, and commercial clients. Budgeting and ease of use are the main signs of the relevance of the model for a long period. Built with only the best available materials like marine grade 5052-H34 riveted aluminum alloy, boats are designed to be worked hard and put away wet.

With durability-enhancing features like rounded, formed-in keels, extruded and coined ribs, strong lifting handles, and a durable paint finish inside-and-out Lowe Jon will be to serve for many years.

L1648 Jon 16 ft. jon boat

Durable and economical  The Lowe L 1648 Big Jon perfectly copes with hunting, fishing, and more. A center seat with Livewell and two bench seats gives you and your fishing buddy room to settle in, and a reliable outboard gives you quick reach to your destination.

L1648M Jon 16 foot Jon boat

Lowe Boats has generations of experience building its aluminum, riveted Jons to exacting standards, and with features like convenient grab handles, spacious bench seats, and a flat-bottom, modified-V hull, the L 1648M Jon is a prime example of Lowe quality and value.

L1648 M AURA – 16 feet Jon boat

There’s a reason anglers and hunters have been choosing Lowe Jon boats for generations: Award-winning customer satisfaction and top-quality construction mean you can always count on a Lowe.

L1648 MT AURA – 16 ft. jon boat

High-quality details like formed-in keels and spray rails and sturdy transom handles help you get out there and get the job done. On the L 1648 M Aura, a large bow casting platform provides loads of room to work the fish, while premium power options take you there and back quickly and economically. On the L 1648 M Aura, a large bow casting platform provides loads of room to work the fish, while premium reliable outboard power options take you there and back quickly and economically.

Best new 16 ft jon boats for sale (in our subjective opinion)

These are just the 5 best new 16 ft jon boats you could buy in our subjective opinion. The prices are provided for reference reasons only. Please contact the manufacturer or dealer for the current pricing. We don’t sell these boats directly.

Image Specs
GRIZZLY-1648-Jon boat Model: 2019 GRIZZLY 1648 Jon

Length: 16”

Beam: 71”

Person Cap: 4

Price, USD: $ 3,495

2020 GRIZZLY-1648-Jon Model: 2020 GRIZZLY 1648 Jon


Length: 16”

Beam: 72”

Person Cap: 4

Price, USD: $ 3,995

Lowe l1652 mt jon Model: 2021 Lowe L1652MT


Length: 22”

Beam: 78”

Person Cap: 4

Price, USD: $ 5,131

2019 Tracker Utility 1648 SC Studio Model: GRIZZLY 1648 SC


Length: 16”

Beam: 72”

Person Cap: 4

Price, USD: $ 10,395

w/ 20 ELPT FourStroke and Trailer

2019 Tracker Utility 1654 T Sportsman Model: GRIZZLY 1654 T


Length: 17”

Beam: 78”

Person Cap: 4

Price, USD: $ 11,995

w/ 25 ELHPT FourStroke and Trailer

Examples of the best used 16ft jon boat for sale

These are just examples of the good used 16-ft jon boat deals that were available online. These deals are not available anymore. We share this to show you what a good deal may look like.

Image Specs
used jon 16 -1 Model: 16 FT JON BOAT 35HP JOHNSON ELECTRIC START AND TILT for sale

Length: 16”

Beam: 71”

Person Cap: 4

Price, USD: $ 2,500

16 ft jon boat -2 Model: 16′ Jon Boat (One Left) for sale


Length: 16”

Beam: 70”

Person Cap: 4

Price, USD: $ 3,310

16 ft jon boat -3 Model: 1990 Jon Boat KANN 16ft (SALE!)




Length: 16”

Beam: 70”

Person Cap: 4

Price, USD: $ 3,500

16 ft jon -4 Model: 6 Foot Flat hull Jon boat Aluminum boat Looncraft 16F


Length: 16”

Beam: 71”

Person Cap: 5

Price, USD: $ 3,999

16 ft jon - 5 Model: 16 ft custom Jon boat


Length: 16”

Beam: 71”

Person Cap: 4

Price, USD: $ 4,000

16 ft jon -6 Model: Homemade Jon Boat for the River or Lake


Length: 16”

Beam: 71”

Person Cap:

Price, USD: $ 4,500


How to choose 16 ft Jon boats 

The selection of a boat for hunting and fishing is a responsible task to cope with waves on large lakes and in the ocean or to go for a walk on the waves.  To make the right choice, you should adhere to the following points:

You need to understand if you need this particular model

  • These versatile vessels come in two basic types:
  1. The V-hull of the Jon boat 16 ft will provide maximum stability and safety on waterways, a shallow draft to hunt successfully.
  2. A flat-bottom Jon boat is ideal for calm shallow inland waterways.
  • All Jon boats 16 ft can accommodate up to 5 passengers.
  • Due to the optimal size for any kind of inland water sports, for a comfortable and safe hunt, it is preferable to use a 16 ft Jon boat.

Check out the main components of the boat

  • Opportunity to get free up more space on the deck in the boat with closed storage.
  • The material of jon boat is aluminum because the metal is light and has more stability.  If the hull of the aluminum vessel contains special chambers, the vessel shall not go to the bottom, even in the event of significant flooding.
  • There is a hard bottom with that you can not be afraid of accidental hits on stones.
  • Lightweight, which saves on fuel for the engine.

Do not forget to make sure that there are additional boat components

  • Ideally, you should buy a boat that comes with a trailer as a deal or purchase one from a dealer who will give you a discount on a dual purchase of boat and trailer together.
  • The Jon boat will never have an internal motor, be sure to include in your budget the cost of the outboard motor and any storage units that you may need. An outboard trolling motor is the best choice for a Jon boat.
  • Think about what you will be doing while onboard the boat and consider just how much space you really need to store it on land.

About 16 ft jon boats

Jon boat is a type of boat characterized by a flat bottom and, as a result, a blunt nose. Typically, such boats have a length of 2.5 meters to 7 meters and a width of 80 centimeters to one and a half meters. The most common material for building flat-bottomed boats is aluminum. Jon boats are also made of fiberglass and less often of wood. The seats are wide banks from side to side, in which emergency buoyancy units are located, less often separate seats are installed. Banks in these types of boats can also serve as luggage compartments. Jon boat type usually has transoms on which installation of outboard boat motors is possible.

The flat bottom of the Jon boat enhances its stability compared to boats with a keeled, V-shaped bottom. Besides, the great advantage of such boats is their low draft, which allows them to be used in small rivers. Reinforced bottom Jon boats are designed to walk on overgrown and polluted rivers with little chance of getting a hole. Such boats are often equipped with water-jet engines. Some models of such boats are capable of overcoming river rifts and small sections of land using the inertia obtained during acceleration through the water.

The popular 16 ft Jon boat, 14 ft, and 12 ft Jon boats are famous for their basic features:

  • Welded-in, foam-filled interior side walls for a quieter ride & structural strength.
  • Flat bottom and inclined, with a large camber outward, side. The relatively narrow bottom is an advantage when rowing on oars or gliding under the outboard motor, and the collapse of the sides prevents the rollover from tipping over and reflecting downwards.
  • Suitable for rowing or swimming with a low-power motor.
  • All-welded Mod V hull for great handling & a smoother, drier ride
  • Lockable, top-loading bow deck storage compartment.
  • Designed for operation on small rivers and lakes, in water areas protected from wind and waves.

The most budgetary of the three options is 12 ft. The advantage is that, due to it is compactness, you can not use a motor, but paddling is enough. The boat can accommodate up to two people. 16 ft and 14 ft Jon boats are almost identical. The size, price, capacity of people, the necessity of using the motor, and many other parameters are 1.5 times higher than 12 ft Jon boat.