Plastic Jon Boats For Sale

Should you buy a plastic jon boat? Would a 10 ft., 12 ft., or other size fit your needs better? What is the best brand and manufacturer of plastic jon boats?
Read on to find out:

Best 8 ft plastic jon boats

Best 10 ft plastic jon boats

Best 12 ft plastic jon boats

Pros and cons of plastic jon boats

Popular plastic jon boats manufacturers

The best plastic jon boats for sale

This list will go over some of the best options for a plastic jon boat.
Reviewing and listing advantages and potential drawbacks based on what you want to do on the water. Included will be 10 ft. and 12 ft. and some other various sizes of plastic jon boats.

The prices are provided for reference reasons only. Please contact the manufacturer or dealer for the current pricing. We don’t sell these boats directly.

The list will go over the specifics of each plastic jon boat.

  • The weight of the boat itself will influence whether it’s a good option.
  • The ability to be transported in a truck bed versus a trailer setup.
  • The maximum weight capacity of the vessel, dependent on the people on board and how much gear you will be carrying should be considered.
  • Will you be using a motor or other electronics in your jon boat? Some have pre-wired options, motor mounts, and battery boxes included. Having to do electrical work can be tedious, but if you have no desire to include any electronics then this option can be overlooked.
  • Consider how long a warranty is and what exactly that will cover when buying new.

Best 8 ft plastic jon boats for sale

Bass Pro Shops Pond Prowler 8 ft Fishing Boat


  • An inexpensive one-person fishing boat to get out on the water.
  • Small and lightweight enough to easily fit in the back of most truck beds.
  • A flat bottom design lets you easily get over shallow waters and maneuver rocky areas.
  • Comes with an adjustable and removable swivel seat.
  • Comes prewired and with formed battery box locations.
  • Recessed storage areas for easy organization.
  • A lifetime limited warranty is included.
  • Weight is just 100 lb. 


  • Category: 8ft plastic fishing boat
  • Size: 8’7″L x 48″W
  • Make: Bass Pro Shops
  • Weight: 100 lbs
  • Maximum weight capacity: 515 lbs

Quest Angler 8ft Fishing Boat


  • An open space design.
  • Intended for fishing or general recreation use.
  • Two-person capacity at a maximum weight of 515 lb.
  • The boat is easily stored and transported at just 100 lb.
  • Flat bottom for shallow waters and wide hull for stability.
  • Pre-wired for a trolling motor, motor mount built-in, as well as battery box locations.


  • Category: 8 ft plastic fishing boat
  • Length: 8’7”
  • Width: 4’
  • Deck Height: 1’8”
  • Boat Weight: 100 lbs
  • Max Capacity: 515 lbs
  • Passenger Capacity: 2

Best 10 ft plastic jon boats for sale

These are just some items to look for when going through the list. Included in the list will feature some of the manufacturers listed above. Including but not limited to Coleman plastic jon boats and sun dolphin plastic jon boats.

Pelican Bass Raider 10E Fishing Boat


  • Provides excellent stability while on the water.
  • Includes two comfortable swivel seats that can fold down when not in use or for transportation.
  • A 12-volt battery outlet is implemented already and pre-wired.
  • Comes with multiple storage compartments, great for organization and keeping items at the ready.
  • A lot of parts are easily replaceable if needed.
  • Two-person capacity and max weight of 600 lb.
  • The weight of the boat itself is 145 lb.

Quest Angler 10ft fishing boat


  • Starting price is $799.99.
  • A two-person max occupancy.
  • The boat is designed with a flat bottom and wide hull.
  • The vessel weighs 138 lb. and the maximum weight capacity on the boat is 525 lb.
  • Ideal for fishing and recreation on slow and calm lakes and rivers.
  • The flat bottom allows easy navigation in shallow areas, and the wide hull improves overall stability.
  • The swivel seats are adjustable and can be removed as needed. 
  • Pre-wired is great if you do not want to spend time running wiring through the boat.
  • Four straps are mounted on the side, perfect for two people carrying the boat.


  • Length: 10’3”
  • Width: 4’1.5”
  • Deck Height: 1’8”
  • Boat Weight: 138 lbs
  • Max Capacity: 525 lbs
  • Passenger Capacity: 2

10ft Coleman Crawdad Jon Boat


  • Has a longer hull, is squared at both ends, and is flat-bottomed.
  • Weighs in at 131 lb., which can be manageable by two people and fit in most truck beds.
  • The maximum weight capacity of the boat is 420 lb., comparably on the lighter side, but maybe plenty for you.
  • The engine can be mounted on either side and is rated for 6 horsepower output.
  • Constructed with bumper rails to minimize potential damage to the outside of the boat.
  • Bench seats are in the boat which allows for use as is or can support swivel seats. 
  • A double hull construction sealed with flotation panels ensures a watertight and durable boat.


  • Category: 10ft plastic fishing boat
  • Size: 10’L x 3.8’W
  • Make: Coleman
  • Weight: 131 lbs
  • Maximum weight capacity: 420 lbs

Best 12 ft plastic jon boats for sale

Pelican Boat Intruder 12 – Jon Fishing Boat – 12 ft

Sundolphin American 12 ft jon boat


  • On the lighter side for being 12 ft. at 110 lb. The maximum weight is 532 lb. onboard.
  • Rugged and durable polyethylene deck and hull, that is UV stabilized help keep sun damage at bay.
  • Built-in motor mounts and battery storage, ready to take on all kinds of different additions and electronics.
  • Due to the lightweight of the boat, it is also easy to row.
  • Two large bench seats are built-in.
  • Built-in rod holders make for perfect storage for a fishing trip on the water.
  • Manufactured and assembled in the USA.


  • Category: 8ft plastic fishing boat
  • Size: 144″L x 52″W
  • Make: Sundolphin
  • Weight: 110 lbs
  • Maximum weight capacity: 532 lbs

Quest Sportsman 12 Jon Boat


  • At 12 ft. long this boat comes with a wide hull.
  • Great for fishing and recreational use.
  • Starting prices at $699.99, is cost-effective for the longer length.
  • Four fishing pole holders are already installed.
  • The boat is very lightweight at 110 lb. and has a maximum weight capacity of 532 lb.
  • Two bench-style seats were molded into the boat as well as two battery locations were molded in as well.
  • Cup holders and tackle trays are recessed in the boat to help keep them in place and out of the way.
  • Pre-wired for a trolling motor saves a lot of time from you doing it yourself.
  • At 12 ft. and approximately 4 and a half feet across, allows a roomy accommodation for gear and whatever you want to bring.


  • Category: 12ft plastic jon boat
  • Length: 12’
  • Width: 4’4”
  • Deck Height: 1’9”
  • Boat Weight: 110 lbs
  • Max Capacity: 532 lbs
  • Passenger Capacity: 2

Why buy a plastic Jon Boat? Pros and Cons

Jon boats are constructed from a variety of materials. There are aluminum body jon boats, fiberglass, and plastic. Each variant has advantages and disadvantages. What may be perfect for one boater could be terrible for another. Something to consider is how you will be using your boat. Do you want to primarily fish or hunt? What times of year and climate will you be out in? There is no clear winner as to what material is best, however, there is a type that will suit each need better.

When there are different choices offered, there are advantages and disadvantages to either option. Plastic can get a bad reputation, however, there are multiple advantages to a plastic jon boat. Plastic is often lightweight. If you are going to be solo then loading and unloading your jon boat can be a lot easier. You can easily throw a smaller, plastic jon boat in the bed of a truck and be on the way. Sizes do tend to run smaller when looking at plastic vessels. There are plastic constructed boats that are very sturdy, however, because of the material, it gets less sturdy the longer in length.

If you are planning on 1 or 2 person outings this may not even be a hindrance. Smaller sizes are usually more cost-effective as well. Plastic molding can be more intricate than when compared to an aluminum counterpart. This can have the benefit of different compartments and storage or organization in the boat. If you are wanting to go into shallow or possibly rocky areas, plastic can potentially fair better. Aluminum can easily get dents and holes where plastic is more likely to bounce off such obstacles. However, aluminum is generally an easier repair than plastic in the event of a hole or tear. Depending on the area both aluminum and plastic can be durable and long-lasting. Another consideration is if you are going to be under the hot sun for any length of time. Any boat is going to start to get hot to the touch, however, aluminum is far worse than plastic in this regard.

The last items to consider are cleaning and overall appeal. Plastic is very easy to clean up and will be looking great after. A pressure washer, scrub brush, and some water can all easily get the job done. Aluminum on the other hand can take hours to polish and buff to be looking new again. One takes far more work than the other, but plastic can lack that nice glossy look that you can find from either aluminum or fiberglass bodies. Cost, durability, and overall look can all be considered when deciding what type of jon boat to purchase.

Best manufacturers of plastic jon boats

If you have decided on looking for plastic jon boats there are many great manufacturers of them. Plastic jon boats are popular in many circles, but they are often overshadowed by more popular aluminum models. Learning about the different brands and manufacturers is a great insight into a jon boat purchase.

If you are having a difficult time deciding sometimes finding out about the company behind the product can help you make a decision. Certain manufacturers may only easily be available in certain areas. If a manufacturer is based outside of the country you live in options may be difficult for shipping or dealership options. This is not always the case, however.

Most popular brands have great and varied sources when purchasing. Many of these plastic jon boat brands offer different product lines if you are interested in other water recreation as well.  Many of the companies have been well established over a long period of time and have a lot of experience. Many have easily accessible websites. Having online options is great for browsing, troubleshooting, comparing, and starting to see what option will work best for you. Sun Dolphin is the first manufacturer on the list, they have a great website and still operate in the same small town. Coleman is a popular brand and offers quality products. Pelican and Quest are also options for plastic jon boats. Bass Pro Shops is a retailer that offers a location and website to purchase boats with the same name. Here is an overview of some popular plastic jon boat manufacturers. 

Sun Dolphin plastic jon boats

  • Began in 1982 as a small family-owned business.
  • Still manufacture their products in the same small town in Michigan.
  • Offers kayaks, paddleboards, canoes, and plastic jon boats.
  • Works with major online retailers to offer products to a wider audience.
  • The website allows easy access to order parts or begin a warranty request.

Coleman plastic jon boats

  • Popular brand name, although boats may not be the first item you think of.
  • Some different models can be found here: Coleman Fishing Boats.
  • The simplistic design and small size can be great for easily getting out on the water.
  • Most of the Coleman vessels are cost-effective, lightweight, and a great choice.

Quest plastic jon boats

  • Retailer sites include and
  • Plastic jon boats are available in small sizes.
  • These are designed for fishing and boating in calm waters.
  • A lot of pre-wired options are available if you would like to avoid a time-consuming electronic setup.
  • Trusted brand name by many fans of plastic jon boats.

Pelican plastic jon boats

  • Features many different products, including jon boats, sleds, and more.
  • Established in 1983 as a small family-run company.
  • Has a product line that emphasizes innovation.
  • Each day its business is focused on protecting and exploring the environment.

Bass Pro Shop plastic jon boats

  • Most known for its retail locations.
  • Began as a shopping catalog in the 1970s and began selling boats in 1978.
  • Owns the White River Marine Group which makes such brands as Tracker, Ranger, and Nitro boats.
  • Always dependent on your location, but many different locations to choose from.