18 ft jon boats for sale. Best used and new boats

Best used 18 ft jon boats for sale


All-weld done used Jon boat $14,500 in Omaha/Council Bluffs, IA

18ft Jon boat. 4 Stroke 60 HP Mercury. 20ft Trailer. GPS fish finder. 70lb Minn Kota IPilot with remote. 2-


When it comes to shallow water activities and voyages, the jon boat has all the characteristics that make it the best fit. Whether you choose a standard flat-bottom Jon boat or a modified semi-v-shaped Jon boat, it is important to pick a boat of the correct size. An 18 ft Jon boat is one of the most in-demand and accommodating sizes that many people prefer to buy. This article discusses new and old best 18 ft Jon boats for sale that you must consider buying. 

Why Buy an 18 ft Jon Boat? 

Jon boat comes in various sizes ranging from 10 ft to 24 ft. An 18 ft Jon boat is a perfect size boat compared with other sizes. It has optimum width of 60 to 80 inches to offer good seating capacity, has space for 6 to 8 people, and storage space for equipment. 18 ft Jon boat allows weight up to 1400 pounds. A 60-horsepower engine backs it to sail it smoothly through the shallow waters. They offer a maximum speed of 45 (72 kph) with 35 mph (56 kph). The length and weight make it easy for solo launching, trailing, towing, and transporting from one place to another on the land. 

16 ft jon boat vs 18 ft jon boat vs 20 ft 20 boat

The 18 ft Jon boat is a more suitable size when compared with a 16 ft or 20 ft Jon boat. 16 ft Jon boat is narrower and offers less load capacity, low deck space, and less seating space as compared to the 18 ft Jon boat. It has basic seats, and you can not up hustler the seats for comfort due to its smaller size. Contrarily, the 20 ft size offers all these benefits, but it is quite a lot expensive compared to the 18 ft size. People face difficulty solo launching, transporting, towing, and trailing the 20 ft Jon boat. 

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18 ft jon boat advantages

A smaller size may be easy-to-carry or lighter in the pocket, but they are too small to provide proper seating and accommodation space for equipment. 18 ft Jon boat supports hunting, fishing, or any other shallow-water activity while accommodating a small group of people, offering good seating, space for keeping equipment, and additional value-added benefits. You should only invest thousands of dollars in an 18 ft Jon boat when you are interested in exploring shallow water lakes at different locations, water sports, fishing trips, duck hunting, and utility purposes. 

18 ft jon boat disadvantages

The 18 ft Jon boat has some disadvantages as well. It is not suitable for racing or other thrilling water sports. Its engine is quite noisy and does not offer a comfy voyage. You should not purchase this boat when you think of a very comfortable and luxurious water ride. 

Depending on the manufacturing material, there are various types of Jon boats. You can choose between wooden, plastic, aluminum, or fiberglass boats depending you are using them in fresh or salty water. In the end, the boat must be light in weight and durable. 

The classical Jon boat is a flat-bottom boat. It was designed to calm shallow waters and can not withstand waves and rough water conditions. The modification to “ v shape” removes this limitation, and now, it is a more popular type of Jon boat. 

Jon boats are simple and not equipped with any equipment on the deck. Some manufacturers also build specific purpose Jon boats with shooting decks or camouflaged hunter boats for the enhanced hunting experience. 

5 best new jon boats for sale (in our opinion)

These are just the 5 best new 18 ft jon boats you could buy in our subjective opinion. The prices are provided for reference reasons only. Please contact the manufacturer or dealer for the current pricing. We don’t sell these boats directly.

  1. Seaark 1872 MVT – aluminum 18 ft jon boat
Sea Ark 1872 boats for sale

1872 MVT Jon Series is the first Jon boat on our list. Its body is made up of 0.125 gauge aluminum. It is technically designed for absolute shallow water performance with its  80/140* HP engine. The boat comes with optional LED navigation lights and floored area for the fuel tank and battery. It is a modified V-shaped Jon boat with a sturdy frame and customization options for painting color, upholstery style, and optional accessories. 

The main advantages of this 18 ft Jon boat are that it can efficiently perform in calm and rough water and has numerous customization options. 1872 MVT is a mid-ranged Job boat. You can request the latest price with included customization options on Seaarkboat.com. This boat has 98% positive reviews from its old users. 

  1. 1860 RETRIEVER SC – Crestliner 18 ft new jon boat

1860 Retriever SC from Crestliner is one of the best 18 ft Jon boats for hunting birds and fish. It is a sturdy boat consisting of a 0.100” aluminum gauge transom. This product is specifically designed in V to shape for hunters and shooters as it comes with a surmount gunnel system to install your accessories and a powerful engine of 90 HP to move fast in shallow water. It has a large fuel tank and advanced options such as premium consoles, hot foot throttle control, shallow water anchors, paddle trim, large storage space, and casting decks for facilitating its users. 

The prime features of the 1860 retriever sc include a live well for keeping fish and multi-piece construction with an interlocking tongue and groove system for easy storage and transportation. The only disadvantage of this boat is that it does not have seating for more than 2 people. The retail price of this product is $18,286. Its users praise its built quality and durability. 

  1. L1852 MT Aura – Lowe 18 ft new jon boat
1852MT AURA 17' Jon Fishing & Hunting Boat | Lowe Boats

Lowe® L1852MT Aura Jon is a multi-purpose Jon boat for working, hunting, and fishing. It is a V-shaped, 18 ft longboat built using aluminum material. It is a simple yet versatile boat with large storage spaces, a leveled cockpit floor, an aft seat, and a fishing seat for extra comfort. The portable fuel tank allows for carrying fuel as per the demand. It is a perfect Jon boat for surfing shallow waters. 

This product takes the lead due to its storage spaces and 2 transom grab handles. The only down point is the price aspect as this boat is a little more expensive than others in the price range. You can get the latest prices and discounted deals on their website. The boat is recommended by many people for its strong build and durability. 

  1. L1852MT JON – Lowe 1852MT 18 ft jon boat
Lowe Jon L1852MT boats for sale - boats.com

Lowe® L1852MT Jon is the Jon boat of your choice if you are looking for an extra spacious and wide boat in 18 ft length. The strong aluminum frame with a modified V bow and flat bottom at the transom makes it fit for performing in rough waters. The boat is extra spacious and possesses good seating and storage space, making it flawless for hunting, fishing, and utility purposes. 

Other advantages of L1853MT include a rear side console with steering & control cables and a 65 HP strong engine that allows exploring the shallow waters at greater distances. This boat comes in only 3 prints and does not offer many customization options for its users. This boat is available at an affordable rate of $ 7,703. Users of this boat vouch for its efficiency and recommend it over other Jon boats available on the market.  

  1. 1852 Tiller MT 

1852 Tiller MT is one of the best 18 ft Jon boats. Its structure is made using aluminum to enhance its durability. This flat bottom modified V shape boat has two transom handles, a bow handle, keels, spray rails, and a 45 HP capacity engine to make shallow water surfing an amazing experience. This boat gives other 18 ft Jon boats tough competition with its wide array of features such as gravity-fed Livewell, oarlocks, and wide storage cells. 

The most prominent advantage of this boat is the price point. It is available for $ 5613 only. The disadvantage is that this price does not include an engine. Buyers have to search an engine separately. Despite this drawback, buyers enjoy the features and durability of this boat and recommend it to everyone. 

5 best ssed jon boats for sale

These are just examples of the good used 18-ft jon boat deals that were available online. These deals are not available anymore. We share this to show you what a good deal may look like.

  1. 2019 G3 Gator Tough 18 SC Power Used Jon Boat

This Jon boat is a perfect solution for all your fishing needs in shallow water. The body of this 18 ft Jon boat is made using 0.100 aluminum, making this boat durable and dependable for exploring waters and hunting fish. It is equipped with a Yamaha mid-ranged 4-stroke engine with a maximum of 90 HP.  It is a boat of choice as it is specifically purposed for fishing and has in-built rod holders for fishing rods and storage spaces. 

The main advantage of this Jon boat is that it offers 2 comfortable fishing seats, and trolling motors for fishing in shallow water areas. This boat only accommodates 2  people so it is suitable for group hunting trips. This specific purpose Jon boat is available at the boat line at discounted prices. Shallow-water fish hunters recommend this boat to everyone who likes fish hunting. 

  1. Used 1995 Damien Oyster Bay Original in Dawsonville, GA.

1995 Damien Oyster Bay original is a classical Jon boat. Its structure is made up of solid wood so it can float in fresh and salty shallow water without causing any damage to the body of the boat. It is a simple boat, without any fancy technical equipment but you can add an engine and basic technical equipment to make your experience a comfortable one.

This Jon boat is very pocket-friendly. It has two big benches and enough space and load capacity to accommodate 5 to 6 people for exploring the waters. This boat does not give upgrading options and does not have proper storage space. It is available at an economical price of $450. Its owners vouch for its sturdiness and structure quality. 

  1. Excel 1856used 18 ft jon boat for sale

Excel 1856 is a technically advanced Jon boat. It is made up of aluminum which gives strength to its structure. This Jon boat utilizes the latest technology, including hydraulic steering, Dog platform, and Garmin GPS, and uses gas as the source of fuel. You can also install a tracker to keep track of your boat using the internet. 

This Jon boat has many competitive edges as compared to others available in the market. It is a rugged boat to explore shallow water in any weather and water condition. The only problem you face with this boat is of adding an engine separately. This product is a good value for price and is recommended by most of the users. 

  1. Excel 1854 F4 – used 18 ft jon boat for sale
ExcelShallow Water F4 1854 F4 kaufen - boats.com

Excel 1854 is one of the best 18 ft Jon boats specifically designed for surfing shallow waters. Its body is made using aluminum. The boat is equipped with a Sport HDR 40 EFI motor that allows using this boat on the shallowest waters. Using this specific purpose engine, this boat performs exceptionally well in all weather and water conditions. It has a propellor fan for moving the boat faster. This Jon boat also has southern Lite LED, duel roostertail lights, gunnel snake lights, a Gen 1.2 wide illumination light bar, a carbon fiber Stick-it pole, and a built-in fuel tank. 

The other advantages of this boat include a step-accessible deck, which accommodates 2 people. This ship serves the purpose of fish hunting but it is not suitable for hunting ducks. You can purchase this boat in used condition at boats.com. 90% of users prefer this Jon boat for shallow water hunting activities. 

  1. 2018 Xpress Boats XP180 Marrero LA18 ft boat for sale
2018 Xpress Boats XP180 Marrero LA for Sale 70072 - iboats.com

XP180 Xpress boat is a specifically designed Jon boat for fishing. It is made using 0.100 gauge aluminum. It is technically designed for meeting all the fishing solutions. It has a large deck, storage spaces, and fishing seats for an absolute fishing experience. 

With XP180, the fisher gets enough space for equipment and fuel. With its modified v shape fisher can explore calm and rough shallow water in any season. The only problem is the price pocket as this Jon boat is more expensive than others with similar features. Despite the high price, its users recommend this boat for enjoying fishing. 


Jon boats are a perfect choice for exploring shallow waters. You can choose a new or an old Jon boat depending on its performance and features. You may choose between the 1860 RETRIEVER SC,  1852 Tiller MT, and L1852MT JON as they are strong boats with exciting features. You may also consider Excel 1854 F4, 1995 Damien Oyster Bay, or XP180 old boats as they are of excellent quality and a good value against the price.